“When I first found Brenda, I was hoping for a good massage, but what I have received has been so much more; it has been life changing. Brenda is a gifted healer who heals through her touch, her compassion, her open heart and her connection to the divine. If there is ever a place in you that feels out of alignment (physically, emotionally, spiritually) Brenda will lovingly guide you back to your sacred wholeness. I recommend her to everyone I know. There is no greater gift you can give yourself.”

“A session with Brenda treats mind, body, and soul. Her space is sacred, her work and touch are intuitive and healing. She knows the perfect blend of modalities for each treatment and she guides you through the experience with deep care and sensitivity.”

“Brenda is a talented and gifted healer. Every time I treat myself to a session with her, it’s a magical experience and I feel so renewed. Her creative and intuitive blend of skills, techniques, essential oils is amazing. I recommend her to all my friends.”

“My Akashic Reading with Brenda was  very accurate and powerful. I was able to step out of old patterns and embrace my purpose.  I could feel energy surround and heal me during the session.”

“Brenda has been an amazing guide, healer, & teacher. She saw my potential and helped me live up to it. I trust her and her guidance completely. She helped me realize my sense of purpose & direction in life. She is a true healer.”

“Brenda is an amazing Reiki Teacher. Her classes are powerful, guided, insightful and full of wisdom. She creates a sacred yet casual atmosphere that allows everyone to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. I have opened and blossomed so much under her guidance and care.”

“I want to thank Brenda for the life changing session I had with her. I had been carrying around much pain and fear for most of my life. I received an Akashic Reading and a healing session afterwards. I feel so much lighter and joyful about my life and realize I do have a purpose. I look forward to many more experiences in her sacred care.”

“I am on an intensive spiritual path. Many times I have felt overwhelmed, unbalanced, ungrounded, and over sensitive. Brenda has helped me integrate all the changes and helped me to feel comfortable with who I am. I appreciate her wisdom, experience, and down to earth attitude. Her energy is powerful and she is a very authentic healer. She is very passionate about what she does. I also appreciate that she continually works on keeping her own energy strong, clear and vibrating at a high level.”

“I received a reading and energy healing session with Brenda over the phone. I was amazed at how accurate the reading was. I could feeling energy moving through different parts of my body as she worked on them. She was able to see into past lives and how the energies were still deeply affecting me still. I felt very safe and comfortable with her. She is extremely gifted, kind, and wise.”

“I received an Akashic Reading from Brenda over the phone. I could feel incredible power and energy even though it was over the phone. It was unbelievable. She is able to see deeply into a situation and help to bring gentle, yet powerful healing and light to it. So much was transformed in the 60 minute session. She carries great wisdom, depth, and is very gifted at what she does.”

“Thank you SO much for the session. I want to express how much it meant to me. I felt heard, and understood. That is tremendously powerful, and I know that you understand that. You are making a difference in this world, and I want you to hear that. Thank you for doing your own inner work (however difficult it was at the time) so that you could facilitate others finding their own path.”

“Thanks for the healing and reading you offered my guests at my party recently. The Akashic Record readings were a big hit, everyone appreciated the insight and information that was shared. We all experienced transformation on some level! Thank you again!”

“Your presentation of your Temple Oils class was very inspiring and beautiful. I love your oils! It was great learning so much and hearing about your personal journey on how you created these. I can’t wait for more classes!”

“Thank you for the Akashic Reading today. I am starting to feel changes inside already. It was very enlightening and profound. Thank you for all your efforts to help the rest of us heal and become more whole.”

“The class you taught was AWESOME!! I feel like I have some great tools and awareness now for using my intuition in my daily life. The meditation in your sacred space really filled my need for love, peace, calm. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us so much!”
“Words cannot even begin to express how I feel right now. I know my “thank
you” is tiny in comparison to my emotion. However, I also know with a
vibrant heart that you KNOW exactly the gratitude and love that I feel
toward you for being the conduit through which Universal truth emerges and
helps me see myself and my essence more clearly.”

“Thank you for such a lovely energy work session. I am experiencing a
profoundly lighter heart and hope. It is as if a 100lb weight has been lifted.”

“Brenda, what a pleasure to meet you and to work with you. You have made a difference
in my life, and I am spreading the word. Thank you so much for the profound reading
and customized oil. I could feel my energy shift for many days after the reading/energy combo.”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful session last night.  Thank you for
taking so much time to answer all of my many questions, help me heal, and for being so
supportive of my dream.  I REALLY appreciate it! You are such a huge blessing to so many.
Thank you for taking that step to be your true self because you are a huge inspiration to
me and so many others.”

“Thank you again so much for that incredibly powerful session on Sunday!!  You are amazing!!
I had people remark to me at the Healing Circle last night how my energy has shifted in a great

“I am constantly impressed with how you keep your feet on the ground and yet still so connected to
the energies beyond. You are a very special woman. I can still feel everything moving through me.
Lots of swirling and shifting. Thank you for creating a safe space to do this work.”

“You are an exceptional person and a very expansive soul. Your work is very powerful and profound. Thank you for standing in your light so strongly.”

“thank you for the powerful essential oils with which you gift this world. I am so grateful for your assistance and your gift of passion.”

“Hi Brenda, I just wanted to thank you again for my session. I feel so much lighter and lifted. It truly feels life changing for me. Thank you!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for all of the work you did with me. Every session was such a gift of knowledge and restoration. You do very fine, masterful work in a gentle and kind manner.”