5 ml. Essential Oil Blend $35
A calming blend. Tune out the external chatter and take a moment for yourself. Helps with Centering, meditation, serenity within. Deep and light. A proprietary blend of frankincense, vetiver, grapefruit, and more.


Temple oils have been used since ancient times for protection, devotion, and healing. They connect us to the divine, and raise our vibration. They shift our energy for expansion and deeper alignment. They support spiritual awakening. Denderah Temple Oils are made in house and infused with energetic transmissions for healing. The infusions are a combination of sound, sacred geometry, mantra, and energy transmission. All ingredients are 100% pure. Hand crafted and made with love.

“My priestess aspect is channeled  when I create the oils. I craft and create from a deep well of magic and wisdom, love and beauty.  An adept of activation; directing energy for the highest power and the highest good. Blessing the oils, the altar, the crystals and bowls. My eyes blaze with truth and my soul blazes with the remembrance of a time when sacred arts and sacred healing were elevated, practiced, and respected. I skillfully weave the ancient into the now, whispering invocations as I place the oils under pyramids to be infused with harmonics and vibrations ~ awaiting sacred anointing once again.” Brenda Carolan

Suggested use for Denderah Temple Oils and Sprays

Add the blends to a carrier oil and use for massage, add several drops to a warm bath, add several drops to an oil diffuser, dab some on your wrists, or chakra centers. You may add affirmations to amplify the energy. Blends can be mixed together. All blends are created in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. The oils are energy medicines and  soul shifters. The sprays are used to shift the energy field and the atmosphere. They are crafted from specially infused magical waters.

How to choose blends

Connect to your inner voice, your heart space, your wise self. Read about the oils and notice which ones speak to you. You may choose by intuition, the description, or the aromas. You may work with several oils at a time, layer them, and love them! Use frequently and generously and thoroughly enjoy!


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