Divine Alchemy Session ~ combination of Intuitive Reading and Energy Clearing

For all sessions, I receive the information through empathic knowing, divine guidance, energy reading, clairvoyant seeing, and channeling energy. A transformational experience that can assist with blocked energy, challenges, life path, career, finances, romance. Receive insight, move forward, get clear, and be free!

The sessions may include: Deep energetic re-patterning, channeled higher frequencies, essential oils that support your vibration, crystals, sacred sound, and sacred geometry. The purpose for the session is to dissolve blocks, limiting beliefs, body memories held in cellular structures, energetic imprints from childhood and other emotional trauma, energetic patterns passed down through your genetic lineage,  past life trauma, contracts, and agreements. Clearing of debris in the energy field, balancing the emotional body, calming the nervous system. Powerful transmissions of energy flow into all levels of your being.  Usually you continue to shift for several days afterwards.

Sessions are also available by phone, skype, and zoom.



A session to intuitively read what your gifts are and then a plan to help you develop them. This session may include basic business development, opening intuition, energy healing, accessing guides, etc. Mentoring takes a commitment on your part. Please come prepared to open your abilities and to dialogue about what your business can look like. It takes work! Usually mentoring involves more than just 1 session, unless you just need some direction and fine tuning. I am able to work in an organic way that meets your personal timeline of development. The most important thing is that your commitment and understanding of development for both abilities and business is grounded into a realistic understanding and you are committed to that development.

If you are unsure of what you need, it is ok! We can chat at the beginning and I will intuit what will best support you! You may record sessions.

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60 Minutes – $165

90 Minutes – $240

120 Minutes – $310


Sessions for Children ~ $70

Ages 3 – 14. Many children are intuitive, empathic, gifted, or very sensitive. I can help clear the energy, calm the nervous system, strengthen the energy field, offer support. Most children are ok with a 30 minute session.

Overnight Retreat in the Healing Sanctuary ~ $300

The healing room is available for a personal self guided overnight retreat. The room is steeped in spiritual and healing energy. You may use your time for self reflection, sleeping in the energy, meditation, writing, getting clear. It is available from 9 pm to 9 am. Tea, water, oracle decks provided. Or you may bring your own. Only available for clients who have had sessions with me.

 Gift Certificates available

Available at Denderah Healing Arts Studio, by phone, or email. Gift certificates can be picked up in person, mailed, or emailed in a PDF format. All gift certificates are non refundable, however, they can be transferred to another person.

  •  $165 Gift Certificate for 1 hour
  •  $240 Gift Certificate for 90 minutes
  •  $310 Gift Certificate for 2 hours