The payment for sessions is based on the time, not the type of session. The same level of spiritual energy, intuition, insight, and experience comes through in all that I offer.
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  • 1 Hour - $155
  • 90 Mins - $230
  • 2 Hours - $300

My preferred way of working for all the sessions (except mentoring) is to begin with energy clearing, and then go into a reading of the energies. What I have found is once the energy is cleared your questions change and it is much easier for me to read from your clean energy field. I have found this maximizes the experience. You are able to receive the words of the reading into deeper levels, as well as integrate the reading into your life. You leave with a super clear field, and you have greater clarity, and can incorporate the wisdom of the reading into your life.


If you aren’t sure of what you need, where to begin, or what session to choose ~ just choose a time amount. When you come in we will chat for a bit and see where you are and I will intuitively customize a session for you!


Psychic Intuitive Soul Reading

A combination of empathic knowing, divine guidance, intuitive energy reading, and clairvoyant seeing. A transformational experience that can assist with blocked energy, challenges, life path, career, finances, romance. Receive insight, move forward, get clear, and be free! I am an intrinsic healer, as I read, I am also shifting energy. I also work with your Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are your soul’s essence, or your soul. Accessing the records/soul can bring insight and understanding to your life. The records can shed light on your life purpose, spiritual gifts, talents, karmic relationships, etc.

Energy Clearing

I create a specific grid on your body that brings you into an energetic alignment for your optimal power. I use crystals, sacred geometry, and other powerful energy tools. I use sound healing, Temple Oils, & Advanced Energy Healing. I scan and clear negative energy and blocks that are stuck in the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic field. It may be energy you absorbed, ancestral, past life, this life. I work in a direct manner to maximize your experience.


Divine Alchemy Session ~ 2 hours

Deep energetic re-patterning, channeled higher frequencies, essential oils that support your vibration, crystals, sacred sound, and sacred geometry. The purpose for this session is to dissolve blocks and limiting beliefs, dissolve body memories held in cellular structures, dissolve energetic imprints from childhood and other emotional trauma, dissolve energetic patterns passed down through your genetic lineage, dissolve past life trauma, residues, contracts, and agreements. Powerful transmissions of energy flow into all levels of your being. For this session I hold intentions and affirmations for your deepest healing. Usually you continue to shift for several days afterwards. Allow yourself the gift of Divine unfolding of your truest Self.


 The mentoring sessions can be created to support you wherever you are. You can choose a schedule to match your lifestyle. Once a week, once a month, or whatever works for you. I can intuitively read what your gifts are and work to create a plan to develop them. If you already know your gifts and want assistance in further development, we can do that. The ares for mentorship can be intuition, building spiritual energy, energy healing, accessing guides, etc. I also scan for blocks and help to clear doubts, fears, past life, etc. around your gifts. Business Consultation is also available.

Intuitive Bodywork

A blend of Intuitive Bodywork, Temple Oils, Energy Clearing. Relieves muscle tension, nervous energy, negative energy, emotional energy, and painful muscular patterns of constriction and holding.


 Creative Combos

Healing + Mentoring + Energy Clearing + Reading + Intuitive Bodywork

Any combo can be created