Here is an upcoming event I am hosting at New Rennaissance Bookstore. It is called, “Making Friends with Your Soul” The theme is about learning to awaken and nourish the beauty of your soul, to listen quietly to the intuitive whispers. I will share how to access your soul wisdom through anointing with essential oils, soul sounds CD, beauty, creativity, and guided meditation. So often we think of our soul as way out there! Or very unaccessable. Our soul is right here and has so much to share!! I often see people in pain over “soul searching”. It does not have to be hard!! We just have to learn how to listen to the intelligence of the soul and tune into the wisdom it has to share. This is a short event ~ 90 minutes. I will have a line up of classes to share that deepens soul exploration with writing and creativity. The deeper explorations will be at Denderah Healing Arts, I will have that schedule soon! You can Register at New Renaissance for the event on Tuesday, March 24 7-8:30 pm * $12 at door New Renaissance Bookshop 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland. Call the store to register.