I noticed people have been coming in to stock up on self care for the holiday time! Especially the sensitives, empaths, open hearts, and pretty much anyone w/ an aversion to too much drama, stress, or negativity. I have some beautifully powerful oils and sprays that are very helpful for energetic hygiene. They are concentrated blends made with pure essential oils. They are infused with energy under pyramids using crystals, sound, and my energy!

Protection: Strengthens the Energy Field, protects against negative energies, attack, environments that have drama, etc. Comes in an oil or spray.

Shine: Brightens the energy field! Great for when you feel tired, dull, or just need a little (or a lot) more shine in your field!

Abundance: Helps attract Abundance!

Purification: Clears energy from a room, car, energy field. Emotional energy, or energy that may have hopped on you from someone else.

Chakra set: Helps clear, align, open, and brighten the chakras!

I have a special running until the end of December. Chakra set for $135 (save $40), Buy 3 get the 4th one free on all oils and sprays. All Oils and Sprays $25 through the end of December!